Christchurch Borough Home Watch Association, formed in mid-2008, has about 1500 members across the Borough and has as its priority the creation of more Home Watch groups.

The aims of the Association are:
•  to support the activities of Home Watch schemes in the Borough
•  to promote new schemes and increase membership
•  to share best practice
•  to represent the views of Christchurch Home Watch members
    to our Partners in Dorset Police & Christchurch Borough Council
•  to support local Community Safety events.

Contact between the Association and Home Watch members is achieved through Area Co-ordinators, whose “job” is to “look after” the Road Contacts in their Area.

Area Co-ordinators are members of the Association Committee.

Representatives from Dorset Police and Christchurch Borough Council (our “Partners”) also attend General Meetings to discuss community safety matters.

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