Home and Neighbourhood Watch schemes are all about local people working in an active partnership with the Police and other agencies to reduce crime and make the area where they live a safer and nicer place for all. It is claimed to be the largest community organisation in the country, covering nearly
8 million households in England and Wales; the concept is actively supported by the Home Office and all Police Forces. In terms of what they aim to do there is no difference between Home Watch and Neighbourhood Watch; it was decided by Dorset Police as long ago as 1983 that it would be called Home Watch, and the logo of the “running man” can be seen on many lamp posts and in many windows around the Borough.

Joining Home Watch means that:
Areas of local concern can be addressed
Your problem becomes a shared problem
You get to know your neighbours, local police officers and other local agencies

Watch schemes are 'self-help' groups of varying size (we recommend 10-15 households), created and run by a Road Contact, who receives information from Home Watch and warnings from the Police, and passes these on to his/her members.

Thanks to the internet and e-mail, warnings can be forwarded electronically to many scheme members, reducing the work load of the Road Contact. Of course not everyone can receive e-mails and the community benefit of personal contact is considerable, so the role of Road Contact remains as crucial as ever.

In 2008 the Christchurch Borough Home Watch Association was formed, to co-ordinate Watch Groups in the Borough and to support their activities.

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